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wednesday, 21. september 2022

Closing of GLAPLASTIK UND GARTEN and awarding of the Public Prize 2022

Vogel 1 und Vogel 2 von Uwe Hempel - Publikumspreis für Vogel 2On Sunday, 18.09.2022, the 12th International Exhibition GLASS PLASTICS AND GARDEN was drawing to a close
sunday, 28. August 2022

Art Prize 2022 - Three first prizes awarded

teat searche (für Eugen Egener) - André KestelAt the opening of the exhibition, the Art Prize 2022 was awarded in the amount of € 6,000.
saturday, 23. july 2022

Poster and flyer invite to events

Rudolf Horst, Andrea Holz and Major Ulf-Marcus GrubeNot only the days are hot at the moment, but also the preparations for the glass exhibition GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN in Munster from August 27 to September 18, 2022 are in full swing. After the participating artists have supplied all the necessary data of their artworks for the exhibition and the catalog, the detailed work begins for the preparation team around Andrea Holz in the town hall.
sunday, 19. june 2022

Art Award 2022 - Members of the jury

Flaggen und BlumenAn art prize will be awarded for the exhibition 2022. The prize money amounts to 6,000 €.
sunday, 19. june 2022

Information about GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN 2022

Drobner, Sigrid - FriedensbaumFor the 12th time, international artists are invited to publicly exhibit their large-scale works of art made of glass under the theme GLASS PLASTICS AND GARDEN in the parks of the town of Munster in the Lüneburg Heath from 27 August to 18 September this year.
monday, 28. february 2022

Jury selects artists to participate in 2022

Torsten Rötzsch - Iseloomad 2019From more than 50 applications, 47 artists were selected and invited to participate in the 12th International Exhibition Glass Sculpture and Garden. From 27 August to 18 September, they will exhibit a total of 82 works of art on the meadows and parks around the Ollershof and the St. Urbani Church, transforming these areas into a large open-air gallery.
wednesday, 28. july 2021

Call for entries: Application for participation in 2022 are now open

National and international artists can now apply to take part in the exhibition GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN 2022.