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Sonntag, 19. Juni 2022, 16:45 Uhr

Art Award 2022 - Members of the jury

An art prize will be awarded for the exhibition 2022. The prize money amounts to 6,000 €.

In accordance with the participation regulations, the invited artists can each exhibit two large-scale works of art in the parks. With these artworks, they will take part in the competition for the city's art prize, which is again endowed with 6,000 € this year.
The prize will be awarded by an international jury during the opening ceremony on 27 August. It is possible to split the prize.

Members of the jury 2022
Mikkel Elming, director of the Ebeltoft Glass Museum,
Ursula-Maren Fitz, Chairwomen of Heimatglas Bayern e.V. and Artist,
Ulf-Marcus Grube, Mayor of Munster,
Dr. Sven Hauschke, director of the art collections at Veste Coburg,
Nadania Idriss, Chairwoman of Berlin Glas e.V..