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Opening of the exhibition with awarding of the art prize

Winners of the art award 2019 Katharina Kleinfeld, Luc de Bruyne, Han de Kluijver (Foto: Stadt Munster - Andrea Holz)At the opening of the 12th International Exhibition 2022, the Art Prize endowed with 6,000 will be awarded. The international jury with Mikkel Elming, Director of the Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Ursula-Maren Fitz, artist from Waarkirchen, Ulf-Markus Grube, Mayor of Munster, Dr. Sven Hauschke, Director of the Art Collections at the Veste Coburg and Nadania Idriss, Chairwoman of Berlin Glas e.V. will announce the winner(s) of this year's exhibition.

The event will be musically accompanied by the gospel choir AHAP of the Lutheran parish of Munster.


27.08.2022, 16.00 - 16.30 Uhr

Munster - Kirchgarten (St.Urbani Wiese)
Stadt Munster - Andrea Holz,