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Dienstag, 11. August 2020, 09:57 Uhr

3 weeks in 2019 beautiful glass in the countryside

Once again in 2019, the gardens and parks in the city centre were an impressive and inspiring temporary open-air gallery for the large, partly monumental glass sculptures. Small objects have found their place in the old St. Urbani church and in the modern hall of the municipal library from 17.08.- 08.09.2019.
Mayor Christina Fleckenstein opened the 11th International Exhibition GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN on Saturday, August 17 at 4 p. m. against the backdrop of St. Urbani's Church. The art prize of 6,000 EURO was awarded during the opening ceremony. Members of the jury were Simone Fezer, glass artist, Nadania Idriss, founder + executive director of Berlin Glas e. V. (cancelled at short notice due to illness), Karin Rühl, Director of the Glasmuseum Frauenau, Prof. Dr. Carl-Peter Buschkühle, Managing Director of the Institute for Art Education at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen and Mayor Christina Fleckenstein.
The laureates and extracts from the laudation:
- Luc de Bruyne, Belgium, for “without title 2";
Due to the technique of sand casting, the surface of the object is stony and rough. Although made of glass, the sculpture therefore appears as part of the exterior space. Together with the mechanical connections it resembles sleeves. It has a high material intensity, which is deliberately reinforced by the tubular steel base.
- Han de Kluijver, Netherlands, for “Gemummificeerde leegte'; (mummified void)
Here it is the smooth, flawless surface, the transparency that distinguishes the object. Massive blocks rhythmically enclose the void, which itself is elevated to an object, protected, preserved and preserved. It is a technically demanding and technically outstanding work.
- Katharina Kleinfeld, Germany, for “Auflösung folgt"; ("Dissolution to follow";)
The theme of glass sculpture and garden is taken literally by this object. The curved, corrugated glass threads seem to outgrow the soil, are very close to nature, vulnerable. A rich shadow play makes the work of art appear alive - all of nature. A conclusive and up-to-date interpretation of the theme presented.
During the finissage on Sunday, 08. 09. 2019 at 16. 00, Mayor Christina Fleckenstein was able to award two audience prizes with Dixie sounds in the presence of the visitors, as the same number of votes were cast for two works of art. Received the prize worth 250 euros each:
- Helga und Ernst Marschke - Schaupeter for their big work of art “Thoughts about walls, borders, fences, protected? Locked up? Excluded?";
- Gundula Menking for her installation “Sons and daughters oft he Earth";.
Many concerts, festivals and cultural events accompanied the exhibition, offering culinary and acoustic delights of all kinds