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Dienstag, 12. November 2019, 15:49 Uhr

Report on the exhibition 2019

From August 17 to September 8, 2019, the 11th International Exhibition GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN took place.
The announcement was made in the journals "Glashaus" and "New Glass - New Glass" as well as on the homepage "Glasplastik-und-Garten".
• The artists were able to compete with two large outdoor sculptures. For each large sculpture, a small artwork was allowed for the interior.
• Only the large sculptures in the outdoor area took part in the competition for the art prize.
The selection of the applications with the large sculptures and the admission of the artists to the exhibition were carried out by the members of the working group "Glass".
Exhibition areas for the large sculptures were:
• Terrain of the Ollershof
• The garden of the glass gallery and
• Meadow between City Library and St. Urbani Church.
Galleries for the small sculptures:
• Hall of the Municipal Library and
• St. Urbani Church.
Participants, exhibits
63 artists from 12 nations have exhibited 101 large sculptures in the outdoor areas and 93 small sculptures in the gallery rooms.
Members of the jury were:
• Karin Rühl M.A., Head of Glass Museum Frauenau, State Museum of Glass Culture
• Simone Fezer, glass artist from Raven, multiple winner of glass sculpture and garden
• Christina Fleckenstein, Mayor of Munster
• Nadania Idriss, Founder a. Executive Director Berlin Glas e.V. (canceled due to illness in the short term)
• Prof. Dr. Carl Peter Buschkühle, Director of the Institute for Art Education at Justus Liebig University Giessen.

Art prize
The Art Prize of € 6,000 was awarded in equal shares of € 2,000 each to:
Katharina Kleinfeld, Germany, for "dissolution follows"
The subject of glass sculpture and garden is taken literally by this object. The curved, wavy glass threads seem to outgrow the soil, are very close to nature, vulnerable. A rich play of shadows makes the artwork seem alive - completely nature. A conclusive and up-to-date interpretation of the topic.
Luc de Bruyne, Belgium, for "without title 2"
Through the technique of sand casting, the surface of the object is stony and rough. Although made of glass, the sculpture therefore looks like part of the exterior space. Together with the mechanical connections, it resembles sleeves. It has a high material intensity, which is deliberately reinforced by the steel tube base.
Han de Kluijver, The Netherlands, for "Cloummifice earth lied" (mummified emptiness)
Here it is the smooth, flawless surface, the transparency that characterizes the object. Massive blocks rhythmically surround the emptiness, which itself is raised to the object, protected, preserved and preserved. It is a technically demanding and technically outstanding work.
Audience award
The price of the audience of € 500 was calculated on the basis of the votes cast by the visitors. Due to identical number of votes received
Mrs. Helga Marschke-Schaupeter for her artwork "Thoughts about walls, borders, fences, protected? Included?” and
Mrs. Gundula Menking for her artwork "Sons and daughters often he earth" each 250 € at the finissage.

Accompanying program
The exhibition was supplemented by a varied cultural program:
• "Superbrass", music and walkact
• Meal and baking day (cultural and Heimatverein)
• "Duo Fruit Salad" (Luisa Horst and Samuel Selzam)
• Kreisseniorentag
• Isaak Guderian, open-air concert with Kaffeetafel of the sports association Munster and cocktail bar of the Eventstaff Bürgerhaus, glass jewelery and glass objects by Inka Dybus, and glass landing sites of the experience workshop Buchdruck-Museum Soltau e.V.
• "Little Red Riding Hood & Co - For adults anyway" reading and parodies (Achim Amme)
• "Gospelcafe" - experience AHAP with a coffee table
• Lilac Sunday - Specials, delicacies and arts and crafts from the Upper Austria Örtzetal cultural area with "Electric mistress deluxe" (Inka Janßen and Kerstin Reinhard) and the music band Munster
• Small urban festival with coffee table
• Open Monument Day
• "Dixie Stompers"
• "Electronic Glaskänge" at the Ollershof (Oliver Graubohm)
• Photo Competition (Cultural and Heritage Association)

Glass Workshop
Glass artist Torsten Rötzsch wanted to run the glass workshop during the exhibition period and to produce works of art on the stove in front of an audience. Preparations were made by the artist Jan Viscocyl. Unfortunately, in spite of all precautions when starting up the stove damage, which could not be resolved during the exhibition time. The workshop was therefore closed.
Glass Gallery
The glass gallery was the central information point of the exhibition. Here, artists as well as visitors of the exhibition were received and informed by the professional team of Munster Touristik and volunteers. There were souvenirs as well as some participating artists glass objects offered.
The operation of the gallery by the Munster Touristik and the offer of various glass objects has proven itself.
Media, advertising
For the media appearance of the exhibition, the advertising agency "wirsinds" was commissioned to further develop the logo and uniform advertising appearances as well as the design of all advertising materials, the advertisement and the website.
The regional press has appreciated the exhibition extensively and comprehensively. Visitors were also reached through regional and national press articles.
More than 60 flags as well as the uniformly designed guidance system and parking information signs have shaped the cityscape during the exhibition period.
Print media
Colored advertisements were placed in daily and weekly newspapers as well as in specialist journals, press releases with images were sent to (and in large part also published in) regional and national newspapers.
The targeted distribution of flyers and posters in the hotel industry and gastronomy of the Heidekreis and all neighboring districts was carried out by Munster Touristik.
For the exhibition the homepage has been constantly updated. In addition to information about the participants, it also contains up-to-date information about the events and all previous exhibitions.
Radio, TV
Various radio stations have repeatedly and extensively pointed to the exhibition.
The number of visitors was also very good due to the consistently good weather, the exhibition area was always well visited. Sporadic surveys revealed that the visitors came mainly from the region and Lower Saxony, some from other states and neighboring countries. Due to the free and continuous access, however, reliable visitor numbers could not be determined.
There was only positive response to the exhibition.
Care, support
Supervision was carried out by the municipal construction court, by the responsible employees of the administration and Stadtwerke Munster-Bispingen GmbH. Some events were planned and carried out by associations and organizations.
To secure the exhibits, the exhibition areas were illuminated in the dark and supervised by members of the Association German Shepherds e.V. Ortsgruppe Munster.
During the day volunteers, mostly from clubs, supervised the exhibition and were especially for visitors a contact and information provider.
18 guided tours with 312 participants were held. There were 3 open management appointments, which did not require registration. Most of the guided tours were taken over by Mr. Adolf Köthe.
Twenty-six donors, sponsors and public sponsors have provided financial support for the preparation and implementation of the exhibition.
A total of 42 large and small works of art were sold from the exhibition.
The participating artists gave praise and recognition to the organization, presentation and quality of the exhibition.
The Kreissparkasse Soltau and the Drewes family have once again provided plots of land as exhibition space; the parish of Munster has opened the St. Urbani church as an art gallery. This allowed impressive exhibition areas to be created.
It was only through the great commitment of many citizens who have taken on supervisory services, supported us in the organization or attended the accompanying events that this exhibition has been so successful. The great commitment of the City of Munster staff also contributed significantly to the success, and without the support of donors and sponsors the exhibition would have been unviable in size and scope.
All of them deserve a big thank you.