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Accompanying exhibition 2016

From wood to glass

37 years ago the artist Wladimir Rudolf created his first wooden sculpture. From then processed and he transformed the "stored solar energy" (the artist) to its artistic manifestations. The wood served faithfully as verwirklichendes material for his ideas and wishes, until recently, working with glass fascinated the artist. The artist himself mean, he was there "just fell into it." Thus, the first works of art made of glass, metal and light emerged. In June 2016 was presented "Desordre organisé" in the district of Bezons in Paris then the glass sculpture, which also symbolized the set up there wood sculpture "la fléche rouge" the leitmotif of the exhibition "Riesen".

Wladimir Rudolf

The exhibition GLASS Sculpture AND GARDEN 2016 was supplemented by a special exhibition by the sculptor Wladimir Rudolf, which can not be more contradictory in form and material.