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Alkie Osterland

Osterland, Alkie (Stadt Munster)
born in 1967 in Würzburg/Germany.
Professional training by Magdalena Maihöfer, work as her assistant and subsequently at the “Villeroy & Boch Heißglasstudio?, lecturer at the glass centre in Barcelona/Spain, member of the “Bund der Kunsthandwerker? (association of artist craftsmen) and GEDOK, Stuttgart/Germany.
Own studio since 1992.
Participation in national and international exhibitions, among others, in Munich/Germany, Berlin/Germany, Roehampton Institute ? London/Great Britain, Coburg Kunstverein/Germany, Madrid/Spain. Permanent exhibitions, among others, in Spain, France, and Belgium.


Tor (2019)

Dimension (HxBxT) 180 x 60 x 20 cm

Haus (2019)

Dimension (HxBxT) 60 x 25 x 25 cm


+49 1575 2938786
Rauchbeinstraße 7
73525 Schwäb. Gmünd
Participation in the exhibition:  2006, 2019
Country:  Germany