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Nadja Recknagel

Nadja Recknagel (unknown)
born in 1973 in Schmalkalden/Germany, since 2005 free lance artist in Bad Homburg/Germany.
She studies at the “Hochschule für Kunst und Design” in Halle/Germany, Burg Giebichenstein/Germany. Study visits in the USA and Sweden.
Nadja Recknagel was awarded several prizes such as, for example, the 1st prize of the „Immenhäuser Glaspreis“ in 2006 and the 2nd prize of the „Hessische Staatspreis” in 2007.
Exhibitions in the USA, Great Britain, Hungary, Sweden and Germany.



06172 453525
Oberste Gärten 25
61350 Bad Homburg
Participation in the exhibition:  2008
Country:  Germany