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Milada Vobrubova

Vobrubova, Milada (unknown)
Born in 1941 in the Czech Republic.
Training as a teacher in Jovice/Czech Republic; teaching activities until 1968. In 1968, studies at Linköping University/Sweden, thereafter she worked with disabled adults and taught fine arts in Valdemarsvik/Sweden. Since 1978, she has been working together with Milan Vobruba in their glass studio in Gusum/Sweden.


Pfau (2016)

Nordlicht (2016)

Tummelisa (2016)

Angelic host (2013)

Dimension (HxBxT) 45 x 20 x 20 cm


0046.7 68 43 81 29
61040 Gusum
Participation in the exhibition:  2013
Country:  Sweden