Assessment of the exhibition “Glass Sculpture and Garden“ 2013

Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013, 09:18 Uhr
After three weeks of intensive interaction with glass art, the largest glass art exhibition in public spaces in Europe ended on Sunday.
A total of 80 artists from 23 different countries presented more than 200 works in the open and in the two gallery rooms in St. Urban’s Church as well as the town’s library. The highlight on Sunday was the awarding of the audience prize to the artist Priska Jacobs for her work of art “The Source of Happiness”.

About 20,000 visitors from all over Germany as well as from other countries came to visit the exhibition and contributed to good earnings for the hotels and the gastronomy. Thus the small town of Munster in Lower Saxony could once again prove its importance in the world of glass art. The national as well as international response in connection with this exhibition is marked by widespread recognition and great praise. The unexpectedly high number of sales, i.e. 43 works of art, confirmed this evaluation and is an important indicator for the artists themselves and also the body responsible for the exhibition.

The jury fully recognised and appreciated the quality of the works presented by the artists and the unique atmosphere of the exhibition; on the day of the exhibition’s opening, the jury awarded the art price endowed with € 6,000. Members of the jury were Dr. Katrin Holthaus, Glashütte Gernheim; Mr. Stefan Hammerbeck, Östergotlands Museum, Linköping, Sweden; Dr. Petr Novy, Jablonec Glass Museum, Czech Republic; Prof. Dr. Hornbostel, ex-director of the Museum of Arts and Trade in Hamburg; Mr. Adolf Köthe, Mayor of Munster.

The art prizes were awarded to:

  • 1st prize (2,000 €) Karin Mölder from Estonia
  • 1st prize (2,000 €) Per Rene Larsen from Denmark
  • 2nd prize (1,000 €) Sylvia Kopka from Germany
  • 2nd prize (1,000 €) Wladimir Klein from the Czech Republic

The jury’s special praise went to the artistic director of the exhibition, Mr. Milan Vobruba from Sweden.

While good weather favoured the exhibition almost every day, many people interested in art engaged in, and enjoyed, the confrontation with objects of art of many kinds.

Time and again, the verdict was: “This exhibition is a highlight of the whole glass art scene”.

The two glass artists Jan Viskocil and Nuray Arli and their work at the glass furnace likewise found the visitors’ special interest. ;In the months to come, the two artists will welcome visitors to watch them at work for - due to the glass sponsoring of the „Stadtwerke Munster-Bispingen GmbH“ - they will continue to work in Munster.

The accompanying exhibition of Wladimir Rudolf presenting big expressive wooden sculptures was likewise of special interest. He also organized the impressive finale of the exhibition staging a „Burn out“, i.e. the burning of one of his art object on the water.

The organization with about 200 volunteers helping with the supervision, the glass gallery and information, the distribution of advertising material, a radio appearance and much, much more also deserved particular acknowledgement. With a total volume of more than 170,000 €, this exhibition only was rendered feasible due to the help of 31 sponsors providing more than 100.000 € for which a special thanks goes to them. As a conclusion, all organizers and the body responsible can say that this exhibition was inspirational and a great success. It was a great asset to the whole region and a particular highlight for the whole glass art scene.