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Sylvia Kopka

Kopka, Sylvia (unknown)
Born in 1967 in Düsseldorf/Germany.
Training as photographer and glass blower and apparatus maker at the Glasfachschule in Hadamar/Germany. She took lessons in sculptural design and gained her first experience at the glass furnace of the glass works in Limburg/ Germany. In 2000, she opened her own workshop. In 2005, she moved into the “Expressgut-Atelier im Bahnhof Vohwinkel” in Wuppertal/Germany.
Participation in several national and international exhibitions and competitions.
She was awarded the 2nd prize of the 2003 “GLASS SCULPTURE AND GARDEN” exhibition in Munster/Germany.



0049.2 02 51 56 26 10
Schlüssel 90
42329 Wuppertal
Participation in the exhibition:  2008, 2010, 2013, 2016
Country:  Germany